There is nothing that annoys me more than purchasing a product only to discover that it does not work properly, it has a poor user guide, or it fails in its function after a few short months. After all, the reason I buy just about anything is to make my life easier or better in some way. If I get a new pair of boots so that I can enjoy hiking in the mountains but they fall apart the second time I wear them, and the manufacturer refuses to do anything to compensate me, I will make a note never to purchase anything with that brand name again. What’s more, I’ll tell all my friends to avoid the product line, as well.

However, if I have trouble with a new product, (like the aforementioned boots) and am offered a refund, exchange, or help in increasing its functionality, I will end the transaction with a good feeling about the company and may very well spend my money there again.

Uniblue understands this logic very well. As a high-tech corporation that does most of its marketing online, Registry Booster’s parent company puts a very high emphasis on customer service. In fact, part of the business’s stated mission is to provide “effective and dependable software tools that are sophisticated, yet easy to use, and which are supported by generous free knowledge resources.” In other words, Uniblue is committed to producing top quality products, but also wants to go above and beyond that goal to help computer users become more knowledgeable about and familiar with their own PC’s. Folks who take advantage of the customer support and service that Uniblue offers will discover ways to become more efficient in their use of technology. And that’s a very good thing in the modern lives of busy people.

If you decide to purchase Registry Booster and become a customer of Uniblue, you’ll have access to a number of great resources and helps. But because many of the articles and other aids are offered free of charge, you can take advantage of the information they contain even if you don’t purchase a Uniblue tool. Take a look at some of many ways this stellar company supports its customers and the computer using public.

Active Protection

If you buy Registry Booster or any other tool from it’s maker, Uniblue, you will automatically be enrolled in the Active Protection program for one year. It gives you access to several perks at no extra charge. Besides around the clock customer support from friendly technicians, you’ll also receive free upgrades that will help to keep your system safe from the newest viruses and spyware programs that are developed.

User Manuals

Registry Booster provides two User Guides as downloadable PDF files for all customers. The smaller version requires 1.1 MB of space and the larger takes 4.5 MB. Both contain a lot of useful information besides the directions for using the software. In fact, there is an entire chapter in both User Guides dedicated to explaining what the Windows Registry does and how it is structured. There are also some good pieces concerning registry errors, how they can damage productivity, and how RB acts to correct them. Understanding all this will help you make better decisions when you get down to the business of optimizing your computer system with Registry Booster.

As suggested in the video and companion article on this site about the Help Guides, you would be very wise to download and save a copy of the manual on your own PC. Even though the information is always online, there may be a time when you cannot access the Internet for some reason. Having your own copy of the User Manual could save you untold frustration in such a circumstance.

A quick look at the guides will show you that they are organized in an easy-to-read question and answer format so that you can find a particular topic with ease. The Table of Contents is hyperlinked in the PDF file, meaning you can quickly jump to any chapter or subsection that piques your interest.

Online Support

In the rare instance that you have a question about Registry Booster that is not answered by the Help Guide, you may want to get in touch with Unilbue’s excellent Technical Support department. The knowledgeable folks who work there pride themselves on providing quick and thorough answers to any question that is emailed to them. You will be asked to fill out a short form describing your problem and can expect an answer within 24 hours. In fact, the service people are so dedicated to their task that they provide an online survey where their customers can critique their work. Anyone who has used the support services can rate his experience with the department in several areas. It’s a way for the technical people to learn their own strengths and weaknesses in the area of customer service and take steps to do a better job. Not too many companies invite criticism like this, and to me, it’s a sign of real devotion to their clients.

Additional Resources

Chances are very good that you will buy Registry Booster and never need to take advantage of the email support or even the User Guides. That’s because RB is easy to use and has an intuitive layout and design. The vast majority of people find they can optimize their registries with a minimum of fuss and bother. However, you can still use Uniblue as a source of information even if you never have a bit of trouble with their products. Uniblue provides seven free libraries full of information about computer functions and an impressive archive of high-tech and how-to articles that make terrific reading for any computer owner.

Obviously, this service is not something that Uniblue is required to do at all, and the fact that they make all this info available at no charge is really impressive to me. I have developed the habit of reading an article or two whenever I have a few minutes to spare, and I have learned a lot as a result. I’ve also used the Error library and a couple of the others when I’ve had questions about error messages I was getting. I have no doubt that Uniblue could charge a pretty nice membership fee for access to these resources and many PC users would gladly pay the price. But, the company makes them available as a true public service to the computing community.

Money Back Guarantee

I do a lot of business online, and I won’t even consider making a purchase from a company that does not offer a money back guarantee. It’s a sad reality of modern life that anyone can set up a website and start selling things. But only the good companies give you the chance to get your money back if you are not satisfied. When you buy Registry Booster, you will have thirty days to try the product on your own system. If it does not meet your expectations for any reason at all, you can get your money back. Period. End of story.


Because Registry Booster comes from an award winning company that is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, you should feel very good about purchasing this tool and using it to optimize your computer system. The fact that it is made by a company that goes above and beyond the norm in the area of customer service is icing on the cake. So, I really hope you’ll try RB and benefit from the improved speed and performance that I have enjoyed. And be sure that you take advantage of the top-notch informational resources Uniblue offers, as well. Your brain and your PC will both thank you.

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